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What is MAGNATUFF ? 
Magnatuff is a magnetically conductive glass cloth laminated composite, suitable for use in Class F insulated electric machines (conforming to G-11 specifications) , as Slot Wedges in stators of open slot designs.  
Applications :  
Magnatuff is used as a slot wedge in open slot design motors, and it’s advantages over conventional non-magnetic slot wedges are:
  • Elimination of high frequency slot harmonic effects.

  • Effective air-gap length reduction, resulting in a lower magnetising current and hence improved power factor.

  • Air gap flux density profile improvement resulting in reduction of high frequency surface and pulsation losses, which are main constituents of stray losses.

  • Improved efficiency and power factor, resulting in compact motor designs.

Availability :  
Slot wedges can be supplied according to dimensional drawings details of your required magnetic wedges. Sheets can also be supplied. 
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